ISO 9001 QMR Master Class – Fearless to Audit

Get away your uncertain feeling

To answer confidently during the audit

Have a good sleep before audit day

Well prepared ALL necessary arrangement

to pass the audit 

A PROVEN SOP for Quality Management System Team Lead 

To EASY maintain ISO 9001 & manage certification audit CONFIDENTLY

Become a Confident ISO 9001 QMR Training course is designed to provide ALL the essential knowledge and hands-on skills to play your roles and responsibility as QMR

(a) Internally in ISO 9001 implementation and maintenance; and (b) Externally in handling certification body auditors. 

QMR’s roles and responsibilities include – conducting risk and opportunities assessment, monitoring achievement of quality objectives, carrying out management review meetings, ensuring internal audit is in place and liaising with external certification body audit.

Measure Your QMR Score & OJT (On Job Training) Activities

Learn by Doing it

The trainer designed a QMR score questionnaire to test your current QMR knowledge and skills. You will be ready to fill in the new knowledge and skills when you know your gap.

Participant CONFIDENT level will increase in OJT activities. The trainer will hand-holding coach you to practise your ISO 9001 implementation skills. The proven factors to PASS your ISO 9001 certification audit.

You will acquire CONTROLLED in an external audit by following the SOP checklist crafted by the trainer with over 15 years experience as QMR. You may cut short your learning curve by picking up her success formula.

We Print & Post the training notes 

The training is LIVE remotely via Zoom. However, we will deliver the printed notes before the training day

Participant can glance thru the notes before training. Hardcopy notes enable you to refer while listening to the trainer, make a note, fill in the activities sheets, and highlight the essential points for future reference. 

Combining seeing, hearing, and writing will make your learning more memorable and effective.

E-Certificate of completion

Your learning footprint

After the training session, you will receive the completion e-certificate, provided you have attended at least 75% of the course modules. So, please come back on time after the lesson break 😉


Besides, participants must also follow the trainer’s instructions in asking questions, joining discussion, and answering questions during the training session and activities. This criterion is to ensure participant is “learning”.


Participants can log in to our website to download the e-certificate on the next training day. QR code is printed on the certificate to allow verification and traceability purpose.

Who Should Attend:

Staff who assign as ISO 9001 Team Lead/ QMR

It is an On-Job Training for the newly appointed ISO 9001 team lead, QMR or person responsible for managing or overseeing the organization's ISO 9001 maintenance and certification audit.

Personnel with job titles include (such as) Quality Management Executive, ISO Executive, Quality Systems Executive, QMS Executive, QA Executive, ISO Executive, QMS Officer, ISO Officer, QMS Manager and QA Manager.

They will seek to know how to maintain the ISO 9001 quality management system CONFIDENTLY. And fearless in dealing with external auditors.

Upskill your existing ISO 9001 Team Lead/ QMR

Most of the time, ISO 9001 team lead/ QMR do not go thru the official on-the-job training to take up the role and responsibility. This course will clear their uncertainty (e.g. Am I answering correctly to the auditor?), get new skills and build confidence.

Pre-requisite to register for the training:

Participants must be aware of ISO 9001:2015 standard clauses requirements, preferably trained on ISO 9001 Awareness Training .

1 day training, 4 modules

Time One Day
9.00am ~


Module 1: Fearless ISO 9001 Audit Mindset
  • Measuring your ISO 9001 implementation confidence level
  • Determine your roles and responsibility as QMR
  • 11.00am ~ 12.30pm

    1.30pm ~3.00pm

    Module 2: Hand-on ISO 9001 Implementation Tips
  • Follow five practical tips to pass your ISO 9001 certification audit
  • Exploring the implementation tips one by one
  • 3.00pm ~


    Module 3: Managing ISO 9001 Certification Audit SOP
  • Follow five essential stages in managing your ISO 9001 certification audit
  • Exploring the SOP one by one
  • 4.00pm ~


    Module 4: Mastering ISO 9001 Maintenance routine
  • Preparing your ISO 9001 maintenance routine plan
  • Improvements, Integrated Management Systems
  • Academic

    • Master of Science (Quality & Productivity Improvement)
    • Bachelor of Science (Environment)

    • ASQ, American Society for Quality Certified Quality Engineer
    • Certified Lead Auditor for ISO 9001, ISO 14001
    • Approved HRDF, Human Resource Development Fund Trainer
    • DOE, CePSWaM Scheduled Waste Competent Person
    • LEED AP, Green Building Rating System Accredited Professional
    • GBI Facilitator, Green Building Index Malaysia  
    1 of 1

    Trainer: SY Chong

    Over 15 Years of ISO 9001 QMR Hands-on Experience 

    SY Chong starts her career as a quality coordinator, executive, engineer, assistant manager and manager in 20 years of employment service.

    She was a management system team lead in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FSC CoC and EICC. She has over 100-times internal and external audit session in her internal quality lead and certification auditor roels.

    She experienced what you are facing. You may feel worried and nervous during the certification audit, your palm is sweating, and your heart is beating fast when dealing with external auditor. You feel uneasy and can’t sleep well due to unsure whether what you have prepared is correct or enough for ISO 9001 maintenance and audit. 

    With over 15 years as ISO 9001 QMR in her employment services, she has designed this course with the MUST HAVE knowledge and practical skills of ISO 9001 Team Lead/ QMR. Help you to become a CONFIDENT ISO 9001 QMR in a day’s training. 

    What Our Participants Feedback :

    Participant'sself-ratingof QMR knowledge & skills

    QMR Experience Before training After training
    1 month to 1 year rate 1 to 3 rate 7 to 8
    1 to 2 years rate 4 to 5 rate 7 to 8
    More than 2 years rate 6 rate 10

    What do you like most about this training?
    How has this training benefited you?


    Turn your unsure to certainty certainty

    Expert Expert Back up

    Talk to us if you prefer training deliver in Malay or Mandarin. It can be arranged as it is a 1-on-1 private training session.

    Become a Confident ISO 9001 QMR

    • 1 day training (1-on-1 company)
    • Zoom online 

    • Printed training notes
    • Courier to your office or house before training day

    • e-Certificate of completion
    • Downloadable e-certificate, comes with QR code, allow anyone to verify your certificate 

    • Free Bonus #1 value RM1,200
    • Free 60 mins, 1-on-1 Zoom coaching (value RM1,200)

    • Free Bonus #2 value RM3,000
    • Free Unlimited Q&A support after training (value RM3,000)

    RM1500 RM 1,080

    *Fee inclusive 8% SST, Government Service Tax.

    2024 Special Discount

    • 2 pax for RM1,400
    • 100% HRD Claimable

    Please sign and return the quote to reserve your seats. Training dates will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Extension of PSMB Act 2001, effective 1 March 2021, company with 10 (ten) or more Malaysian’s employees is MANDATORY to register with HRD Corp. Company will need to pay the monthly levy at the rate of 1% of the monthly salary of employees as an additional training budget for employers. Click here to learn more. 

    The Become a CONFIDENT ISO 9001 QMR Training Course is approved under the SBL KHAS scheme program (code#10001294847). We will provide the necessary documents for the company to log in HRD website to apply for the SBL-KHAS claim.


    With direct payment from HRDF funds to us, the company does not need to pay for the training from its cash flow. 


    Enrol now to close your employees’ QMR skills’ competency gaps! Reduce any unnecessary non-conformance during certification audit.

    A company must apply for a grant at least one (1) day before the training date.

    Learn more Step-by-step to submit a grant application via eTRiS.

    The company does not register with HRD Corp or with insufficient HRDF funds. We will issue a quotation for you to reserve your seats and lock for the bonuses.


    Enrol now to train your ISO 9001 QMR for essential knowledge and skills. Maintain company ISO 9001 confidently and fearless to certification audit!

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    CALENDAR 2024

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    for easy reference !

    training dates 

    updated on 12-Jun-2024

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    Jun ~ Dec 2024 

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