Document Controller ESSENTIAL Knowledge & Practise 

to register an approved document,

to distribute the registered documents

to control document access, quick document retrieval

and ensure the latest version of documents is in place for use

A FOUNDATION for Document Controller or DCC

To ENSURE documents are Correctly controlled and managed

Procedures, drawings, specifications, technical manuals, contracts, forms, and records are documented information. It is for standardizing operations workflow/ method and proof or evidence of communication, work or agreement.

Improper control of documents or multiple versions of documents might cause unnecessary misunderstandings in the organization. It will be RISKY or cause LOSSES in business operations.

The ISO 9001:2015 Document Control training course is designed to explain the international standard requirements for documented information control fully.

Document controllers will not just do it blindly but know the REASON WHY it needs to be done in such a way. Besides, it will enable DCC to identify areas to improve or enhance the documents and records control process.

Activities & Discussion

Adult learning methods

Other than a lecture on power points slides, the trainer will have activity sections for the participant to practice the skills. Hands-on practice helps participants to use and remember the new knowledge.

The discussion session helps participants apply the new knowledge to the workplace scenario. Participants should be more COMPETENT in closing a gap in document control knowledge and skills. 

We provide Hardcopy Training Notes  

The public training is LIVE online via Zoom. However, we will prepare the hardcopy training note and post it to you before the training day.


Participants will have a better learning experience by referring to the hardcopy training note while listening to the trainer’s explanation. They can write and highlight the important points on the printed training notes.

Effective learning is not limited to listening but seeing, participating, and writing.

E-Certificate of completion

Evidence of DCC Competence

As per HRD Corp and our policy, participants must attend at least 75% of the course only entitled to the Certificates of completion.

Besides, participating in the activities and discussions also considers in certificate awarding. We want you ‘LEARNnew knowledge and skills.

Participants can download the E-certificate the next day from our website. QR code is printed on the certificate to allow for verification and traceability. 

Who Should Attend:

Employees who assign roles as Document Controller

Document Controller, Project Admin, QA/QC Assistant, Document Specialist, QMS Admin, QA Executive, Clerk, and Officer that is newly assigned with documents and records control roles and responsibilities.

They will seek to know the reason WHY in documents and records control. It will help them be aware of the impact of improper management. And contribute to improving efficiency.

Upskilling your Document Controller

For ISO-certified companies, competence DCC will eliminate the non-conformance due to avoidable documentation mistakes during the ISO certification audit. Understanding and implementing control in documented information is mandatory in any ISO management system.

This international standard requirement can be your benchmark or reference for non-ISO-certified organizations with document control in place or thinking of setting up a document control process.

Individual Document Controller career paths

Anyone does not work as ISO Document Controller but is thinking of changing career path to be an ISO DCC.

Enrol in the ISO 9001 Document Control Training course to learn more about DCC roles and responsibilities, new DCC knowledge, and management skills.

The e-certificate is the evidence to show your commitment to potential future employers that you are serious by paying yourself to attend training in gaining ISO 9001 Document Control knowledge.

1 day training, 4 modules

Time One Day
9.00am ~ 11.00am Modules 1: Introducing ISO 9001 Requirements
  • You will learn the critical fundamental information of ISO 9001 and ISO 9001:2015 basic requirements
  • 11.00am ~


    Modules 2: Understanding Documentation
  • You will learn the documentation objectives, type of documented information and revision or change control
  • 1.30pm ~


    Modules 3: Interpreting Clause 7.5 Requirements
  • You will learn the internationally recognized standard criteria to identify and control your procedures, work instructions, form, and records.
  • 3.30pm ~


    Modules 4: Creating LEAN Documents Control System
  • You will learn the practical documentation control practises and simplest ways to manage your documents control system
  • Contact us now to get more details DCC course outline and quote.


    • Master of Science (Quality & Productivity Improvement)
    • Bachelor of Science (Environment)

    • ASQ, American Society for Quality Certified Quality Engineer
    • Certified Lead Auditor for ISO 9001, ISO 22000
    • UNIDO Certified ISO 50001 Energy Management System Expert
    • Approved HRDF, Human Resource Development Fund Trainer
    • MPC, Malaysia Productivity Corporation, Certified Productivity Specialist
    • APO, Asian Productivity Organisation Technical Expert
    • Former Malaysia’s ASQ Country Counselor
    • Registered Lego Serious Play Facilitator  
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    Trainer: Alex Yap

    12 Years Employment +

    12 Years Training & Consultancy Experiences

    Alex Yap starts his career as a quality technician, executive, manager, and group manager in 12 years of employment service.

    He established, implemented and maintained ISO document and records control. And also the internal quality auditor and certification auditor.

    He understands document control looks simple; however, it also faces challenges during operations, such as people’s awareness, ignorance or short cut that cause multiple versions or wrong documents in use. With key factors in place, you will have an effective and efficient document control process. 

    More than 12 years as trainer and consultant towards 16 countries.

    Countries such as Japan, Taiwan, India, Singapore, Turkey, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, Fiji etc. He has a chance to work with a variance size of organisations and industries. They are manufacturing, construction, warehouse, hotel, logistic, financial institution etc.

    What Our Participants Say Feedback


    After training support training support

    After training support + After training support + plus

    Small group training, not more than 25 pax.

    Next training date

    Sending more than 6 pax for training, contact us to training on your employees’ schedule. Plus, use your company case study for better learning experience.
    Talk to us, either in-house on-site arrangement or in-house online training.
    Talk to us if you prefer training deliver in Malay or Mandarin. It can be arranged for in-company training.

    ISO 9001 Document Control Training

    • 1 day training
    • Zoom online 

    • Printed training notes
    • Courier to your office or house before training day

    • e-Certificate of completion
    • Downloadable e-certificate, comes with QR code, allow anyone to verify your certificate 

    • Free Bonus #1 value RM1,200
    • Free 60 mins, 1-on-1 Zoom coaching (value RM1,200)

    • Free Bonus #2 value RM3,000(limited offer)
    • Free Unlimited Q&A support after training (value RM3,000)

    RM 700

    *Fees may subject to 8% Government Service Tax.

    Group Discount

    • 2-3 pax for 10% discount
    • 4 pax and above for a 15% discount

    Kindly sign and send back the quote to secure your seats. This is a small group training not more than 25 pax. Seats are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Extension of PSMB Act 2001, effective 1 March 2021, company with 10 (ten) or more Malaysian’s employees is MANDATORY to register with HRD Corp. Company will need to pay the monthly levy at the rate of 1% of the monthly salary of employees as an additional training budget for employers. Click here to learn more. 

    The ISO 9001 Document Control Training Course is approved under the SBL KHAS scheme program (code#1000137685). We will provide the necessary documents for the company to log in HRD website to apply for the SBL-KHAS claim.


    With direct payment from HRDF funds to us, the company does not need to pay for the training from its cash flow. 


    Enrol now to provide DCC Foundation Skills to your Document Controller ! Prevent RISK and LOSSES due to improper control of documents.

    A company must apply for a grant at least one (1) day before the training date.

    Learn more Step-by-step to submit a grant application via eTRiS.

    The company does not register with HRD Corp or with insufficient HRDF funds. We will issue a quotation for you to reserve your seats and lock for the bonuses.


    Enrol now for ISO 9001 Document Control to manage documents CORRECTLY, and ensure the latest version of documents is in place for use.

    Download the


    CALENDAR 2024

    ( PDF)

    for easy reference !

    training dates 

    updated on 13-Apr-2024

    click to direct download

    May ~ Nov 2024 

    Please be informed that our office will be closed from February 8th to 15th, 2024, for Chinese New Year.

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