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As an ISO consultant in Malaysia, we focus on ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

When you search for an ISO consultant, you probably fall into one of the scenarios below.

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    Our ISO background

    12 years of employment service experience in ISO 9001 + 12 years as an ISO 9001 trainer and consultant.

    We are hands-on, participating in setting up, implementing and maintaining ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 during our employment in the organizations.

    "Say always easier than done."

    Staff will have different responses and emotions when introducing new things to the organization. Some are motivated and cooperative, and some are negative and be a barrier during the implementation process.

    Apart from ISO 9001 technical stuff, handling and dealing with people is also part of the ISO 9001 project.

    Thus, with our experience (employment & consultancy), we want your ISO 9001 to be ready for the certification, practical, simplify for the employee to follow.

    Done-For-You Documentation

    You may think, “Aya, consultant got template one!”.

    Yes, you’re right, but not certainly.

    There are more than 60 sub-clauses requirement in ISO 9001 requirements.

    Some support processes (documental control, training, non-conformance control) may be general in most organizations. We can use a “template”. However, amendments and customization are needed to reflect your current practice

    If your ‘template” is without customization. Documents and practice will be different. It is not the whole intent, and you may get a non-conformity finding during the ISO 9001 certification audit.

    The main operation processes are unique, with no ‘template’ available. Your ordering, purchasing, production, services delivery, installation, quality control, warehouse, logistic, maintenance, etc

    Your staff knows their processes well, and we are experts in ISO 9001 requirements. Our experienced ISO consultant will have an interview session with your team. Help you pen down all the ISO documentation

    ISO 9001 Training

    Your staff will train on ISO 9001 awareness training. Create awareness of quality policy and know what to do to deliver quality products and services. 

    After training, your staff will start following ISO 9001 procedures to do their daily work and take records. 

    After about 2-3 months of implementation, you appoint internal auditors, and we train them on ISO 9001 internal audit. Train them to conduct ISO 9001 audits to self-check if all employees follow procedures. They will learn how to collect audit evidence and write audit findings.

    HRDF Claimable Trainings

    ISO consultancy services include consulting, done-for-you documentation and training

    If your organization pay a levy to HRDF. Our ISO 9001 training is HRDF claimable. Tell us in advance, so we to prepare the necessary documents for your grant application.

    After ISO consultancy service support

    We are also a consumer. 

    When we buy a car, it comes with a 3 or 5 years warranty. Some offer a free service.

    When we buy an electronic or small appliance, some have no warranty, some with 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. 

    The “After sale warranty or service” makes us feel SECURE and CONFIDENT with the product and services.

    So, we want you to feel comfortable. We provide you with FREE after-consultancy service support. Please find out more details in our ISO consultancy services proposal.

    We welcome your RFQ (request for quotation) to consider us as your ISO consultant.

    FAQs - ISO 9001 Certification

    When it comes to ISO consultancy services, you probably have some questions in mind.

    Here are the top 4 FAQs (frequently asked questions). I hope it helps to clear your mind.

    No new hire is required for a small business to handle ISO 9001. 


    Setting up ISO 9001 quality management system is the most challenging part. An ISO 9001 consultant will assist you with this.


    You need to involve ALL employees in ISO 9001 implementation. Staff follow procedures to do daily work.


    You will need to appoint one person-in-charge, previously known as QMR, a quality management representative. Be a window person to liaise with the consultant in the start-up. QMR responsibility is to coordinate internal audits, management reviews, risk assessments and certification audits every year. It is not the daily routine work. 


    For medium or more complex processes organizations, you may consider getting a full-time staff to take care of ISO 9001. To maintain ISO 9001 implementation, ongoing documentation update, continual improvement, customer audit and certification audit.


     So, which type of organization are you? I hope this help answer your question.

    Practically is about 3-6 months if both organization and consultant commit to the planned schedule.


    The process is documentation & training (3 months) -> implementation (3 months) -> certification audit -> receive certificate (6-8 weeks).

    They are 2 types of costs in ISO 9001 certification.


    Initial cost = consultancy & training fees + certification audit & accreditation fees + calibration fees (if applicable)


    Yearly cost = surveillance audit fees + calibration fees (if applicable)


    In most cases, the ISO 9001 certificate will issue with 3 yearly of validity.


    1 cycle = 1st-year certification audit, 2nd-year surveillance audit, 3rd-year surveillance audit


    You will need to re-certify in the 4th year to get the new ISO 9001 certificate.


    Recertification cost = re-certification audit & accreditation fees + calibration fees (if applicable)


    Your nature of business, the complexity of processes and the total number of employees will determine your total cost.


    For your reference, for SMEs with less than 50 employees, the initial cost is around RM20K+-.


    Our ISO 9001 consultancy fees are in the mid-market range. And we will provide the most value-added service and support to you.


    Get a quote now to see what value we will provide for you!

    You may sometimes have some procedures in place or from previous employment. Thinking it may reduce the documentation work and hope to get a discount.


    Questions 1: Does the procedure reflect current work practice?

    Questions 2: Does the staff follow the procedure for their daily work?


    If your answer is no, it does not correlate with the current workflow.

    The answer is yes, which helps your team explain during the interview session.


    Either the answer is 'yes' or 'no'. It wouldn't reduce the ISO documentation work.


    The consultant will still need to interview your team to understand the current workflow. Provide necessary recommendations if there is a gap in fulfilling ISO 9001 requirements.

    Final Thoughts on Selecting ISO 9001 Consultant

    Undoubtedly PRICE is always a concern in any project. Other than cost, 3 things you need to consider when selecting your ISO 9001 consultant.

    ISO 9001 consultant can help you establish a quality management system ready for ISO 9001 certification audit and get your ISO 9001 certificate.

    Please tell us what is triggering you for ISO 9001 certification, and let us send you a proposal that suits your needs. 

    I hope you get your ISO 9001 certificate smoothly!

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    About the Author
    SYChong is an ISO auditor and consultant here at She holds 20 years of experience in QAQC and implementing ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FSC CoC, and EICC/RBA in organizations.

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