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HRDF now is HRD Corp (Human Resource Development Corporation).

So, the name for HRDF claimable training now is HRD Corp claimable training. Formerly also known as SBL -Khas.

Starting 1 April 2021, the training grant application in eTRiS, scheme code is “HRD Corp claimable courses: Skim Bantuan Latihan Khas”.

Compared to the previous practice, the company doesn’t need to pay the training provider and claim later from HRD Corp.

An employer must apply for the training grant one (1) day before the training date via e-TRiS.

The training provider will claim the training fees from HRD Corp after completing the training.

I hope this gives you some ideas about what is HRDF claimable training.

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    HRD Corp Registered Training Provider, owned by EcoLean Consultancy Sdn Bhd. We are a registered HRD Corp training provider. Registered no. is MyCo ID 1091973A.

    Our training is a registered HRD Corp claimable course.

    And our trainers are HRD Corp Accredited Trainer and TTT certified trainer.

    The trainer has 12 years of hands-on employment experience and 12 years of training and consultancy practical experience.

    Let’s learn more about what HRD Corp claimable training we offer!

    HRD Corp Claimable Training: QA QC Courses

    Your company started a business to solve the customers’ problems. You provide products,  services, convenience, comfort, entertainment, or daily life needs.

    You need marketing and sales to get people to know your products and services. You will have an operations staff to process orders, buy materials, make products, deliver service, manage inventory, etc.

    Customers will return to buy from you if they are happy with your products or services.

    An unhappy customer will do something to release their dissatisfaction. Such as,

    • Some customers will walk away and won’t buy from you again
    • Some customers will share their bad experience with friends
    • Some customers will make a complaint
    • Some customers will post on social media

    Many factors can contribute to what action the unhappy customer will take. It can be price vs value, employee attitude, environment, complaints not being addressed, no response, delay, etc.

    Take no action on customer complaints, product returns, or quality defects. The unhappy customer will not only go away. But, it may affect the organization’s sales, branding and profit.

    Qualityis never an accident

    If your company have a high or repeated customer complaint, reject and quality issues. You may send staff to provide awareness and upskill their quality assurance, quality control knowledge, and hands-on technique to solve your quality issues.

    Our registered HRD claimable quality management courses are as below:

    1. QAQC Fundamental Skills Training
    2. QAQC Advanced Skills Training
    3. QC Inspector Training
    4. QC Tools & Problem Solving Training
    5. Root Cause Analysis & Corrective Action Training
    6. Acceptance Sampling Plan Training

    Check out the training calendar for the coming training date. Contact us for course details.

    HRD Corp Claimable Training: ISO Courses

    Five (5) reasons why businesses apply for an ISO 9001 certification.

    1. Customer request
    2. Tender requirement
    3. Competitor obtain an ISO 9001 certificate
    4. Branding and marketing strategies
    5. Business growth bigger, look for an internationally recognized management system to help systematically and structurally control the operations processes.

    For a company to implement and maintain ISO 9001 certification, you may need to train staff for ISO 9001 knowledge and skill sets for them to apply to their work.

    For a company thinking of getting an ISO 9001 certificate, contact us for more information.

    ISO 9001 QMSproviding confidence toachieving sustained success

    For a company already certified in ISO 9001, when do you need to send employees for ISO training?

    Our registered HRD claimable ISO management systems courses are as below:

    1. ISO 9001 Induction Training System Workshop
    2. ISO 9001: 2015 Awareness Training Videos for All Employees
    3. ISO 9001: 2015 Internal Auditor Training
    4. ISO 9001: 2015 Document Control Training
    5. ISO 9001: 2015 For Management Training
    6. Become a Confident ISO 9001 QMR Training
    7. ISO 14001: 2015 Awareness Training
    8. ISO 14001 Aspects & Impacts Training
    9. ISO 14001:2015 Internal Audit Training
    10. ISO 45001: 2018 Awareness Training
    11. IMS Awareness Training
    12. IMS Internal Audit Training

    Talk to us for course details. Training is available in live remote via Zoom and in-house on-site training for your staff.

    HRD Corp Claimable Training: KAIZEN Courses

    KAIZEN” is a Japanese word meaning “change to be better” or “continuous improvement“.

    Why Kaizen? Let’s see which one is easier.

    All staff from all departments come out with a small improvement idea continuously. In the long run, the operations processes will improve and stay competitive

    “Sikit Sikit, Lama Lama Jadi Bukit”

    Continuously improving is a key success tosustain you in the market.

    KAIZEN promotes small daily improvements to reduce wastage by all employees in all processes.

    All employees, including workers, get involved to contribute their ideas to improve daily work activities. It’s a win-win for employees to voice their opinions and make their work easy; and for employers to reduce unnecessary expenses and improve productivity and quality.

    Our registered HRD claimable KAIZEN & LEAN courses are as below:

    1. 5S Housekeeping Implementation Training
    2. KAIZEN Implementation Training
    3. Integrated LEAN & Industry 4.0 Training
    4. MFCA Cost Reduction Training

    Contact us for course content. Training can conduct on-site at your office, face-to-face, or online (live remote training via Zoom).

    Summary: HRD Corp Claimable Training

    Here are FAQs regards to HRD Corp claimable training for your quick reference.

    Only the registered employer can apply for HRD Corp claimable training grant.

    1. Check levy balance is sufficient.
    2. Apply via eTRiS before training day
    • Training Provider MUST be HRD Corp registered training provider.
    • Application MUST be at least one (1) day before training starts.
    • Attached documents (quotation, training date, course content, trainer profile) in eTRiS.
    • Step-by-step to submit grant application via eTRiS
    1. Wait for approval
    2. Training day
    • Face-to-face training: participate signs on attendance form; and take photos of the training.
    • Remote training: participant timeslip (clock in & clock out) records; and take photos of the training
    1. Submit claim via eTRiS after training is completed
    • Training provider will employer provide documents for the employer to sign-off 
    • Training provider will upload the participant attendance form or timeslip for remote training in eTRiS, to claim for the course fees.
    • Employer to submit the claim of the approved grant application in eTRiS, for allowances (optional).
    • Step-by-step to submit the claim of approved grant application via eTRiS

    If your business/company hired ten (10) or more Malaysian employees. You need to pay attention. It is mandatory for you to register with HRD Corp as per PSMB Act 2001.


    The industry and business sections under mandatory categories are:

    • Manufacturing and production
    • Construction
    • Delivery
    • Trading, business and wholesales
    • Fashion and clothes
    • Services
    • Administrative and support service
    • Education
    • Transportation
    • Repair and maintenance
    • Food and beverage
    • Storage
    • Cosmetic
    • And many more, click here

    Market keep changing, increase productivity, be more efficient, provide quality products and services, stay profitable and sustain the competitive edge is a challenge for a business.

    Levy collected by HRD Corp will be your company training budget. Develop your staff by training them with the new knowledge and skills to support your organization’s growth.

    Check out more about our HRD Corp claimable training

    I hope your company business keeps successful and all the best !

    I look forward to seeing you in our QAQC, ISO 9001 and Kaizen training!

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    About the Author
    SYChong is an ISO auditor and consultant here at She holds 20 years of experience in QAQC and implementing ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FSC CoC, and EICC/RBA in organizations.

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