Comparing ISO 9001 Training for Employees: A Guide for HR

When we talk about ISO training, we’re mostly looking at ISO management system training, and most common is ISO 9001 training.


In companies that are ISO 9001-certified, it’s the admin or HR who handle training. Each year, they must prepare a training plan and/or conduct a training needs analysis (TNA) to meet the ISO 9001:2015 requirements in clause 7.2 (Competence) and 7.3 (Awareness).


Checking what your employees know about ISO 9001 is essential for planning refresher ISO 9001 training for your existing staff and workers. You can get info from things like internal audits findings, customer complaint, quality performance, or feedback from their bosses.


For new hires, it’s important to providing them with basic ISO 9001 training related to their day-to-day tasks.


Now, let’s go deeper into the details of the ISO 9001 training comparison table for employees!

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    Comparison ISO 9001 Training Table

    Training Who When Why (Purpose)
    ISO 9001 for Top Management Top Management
  • Initial ISO 9001 project
  • Refresher
  • Understand their leadership role in quality management, strategic alignment, and supporting the QMS.
    ISO 9001 Awareness Training ISO 9001 committee members/ Managers/ HODs
  • Initial ISO 9001 project
  • New hire managers/ HODs
  • Refresher
  • Provide knowledge of ISO 9001 requirements, benefit, and how their roles contribute to the QMS.
    All Employees
  • Initial ISO 9001 project
  • New hire employees
  • Refresher
  • Train on departmental ISO 9001 procedures, work instruction, and forms.
    ISO 9001 Induction Training New Employees/ All Existing Employees
  • Onboarding new employee
  • Refresher for existing employees
  • Introduce ISO 9001, quality policy, objectives, procedure and how their roles contribute in maintaining product and service quality.
    ISO 9001 Internal Auditors Training Internal Auditors
  • Any person appointed as internal auditor *must train before internal audits
  • Newly appoint internal auditor
  • Refresher
  • Train internal auditor for effective auditing skills - auditing techniques and processes, reporting findings and writing reports.
    ISO 9001 Document Control Training Document Controllers
  • Existing DCC as needed
  • Newly appoint DCC
  • Refresher
  • Train DCC to enhance document control practices and complianceproper document management, version control, and record keeping.
    ISO 9001 QMR Skills Training Quality Management Representative/ ISO 9001 Team Lead
  • Newly appoint ISO 9001 Team Lead / QMR / Deputy QMR
  • Train QMR to perform QMR’s duties effectively and confidently in maintaining ISO 9001 certification and fearless to ISO 9001 audit.

    ISO 9001 Top Management Training

    Knowledge for leadershipin quality management

    The ISO 9001 Top Management Training is provide to top-level management team members, such as managers, directors or CEOs as part of the initial ISO 9001 certification project.


    The training course is designed for half-day to suit their busy schedule. The outline covers the need-to-know knowledge for leadership in quality management, including the necessary resources and support for implementing a Quality Management System (QMS) that aligns with the business strategic goals.


    If you have new members joining the top-level management team who lack ISO 9001 knowledge, please feel free to contact us to get the course outline.

    ISO 9001 Awareness Training

    There are two type of ISO 9001 Awareness Training.


    Type one,

    Targeting ISO 9001 committee members, managers, and HODs. The purpose is to equip them with ISO 9001 knowledge to prepare, establish or revise ISO 9001 documentation such as procedures, work instruction and forms.


    Training content cover basic knowledge of ISO 9001, quality management principles and explanation of ISO 9001 clause requirements.


    Most often, external ISO 9001 trainers deliver this training.


    Contact us for course outline for public training or in-house refresher training for all ISO 9001 committee members.

    All employees aredoing their daily tasks according to procedures.

    Type two, ISO 9001 Awareness Training is for all employees. The goal is to provide fundamental ISO 9001 knowledge along with guidance on how to implement departmental ISO 9001 procedures, work instructions and forms.

    This training aims to raise awareness, ensuring that all employees are doing their daily tasks according to procedures and fill in forms as required by ISO 9001.

    This type of awareness training is conducted by employee’s supervisors. Example:

    • Departmental manager/ HODs to executives and supervisors
    • Executive to supervisor and workers

    Does your organization encounter challenges due to time-constrains or a lack of ISO 9001 knowledge during ISO 9001 induction training?

    Discover more about our Ready-Made ISO 9001 Awareness Training videos, specifically designed to provide basic ISO 9001 awareness to all employees.

    ISO 9001 Induction Training

    ISO 9001 Induction serves as the first step inbuilding a quality culturefrom the very beginning

    ISO 9001 Induction Training needed to ensure that all new hire staff and worker are having a basic awareness of ISO 9001 knowledge, the company’s quality policy, objective, as well as which procedure to follow and which form to use.


    This training serves as the first step in building a quality culture from the very beginning.


    And also fulfils the requirement of ISO 9001:2015 clause 7.3 for Awareness.


    Does your organization provideISO 9001 inductionbriefing for new employees?

    Are time constraints is a challenges?


    Let explore our Ultimate, Evergreen ISO 9001 Induction Training System, tailored for your new staff’s needs!

    ISO 9001 Internal Auditor Training

    ISO 9001 Internal Auditorevidence of competence, training attendance / certificate.

    Providing ISO 9001 Internal Auditor Training to internal auditor is a step taken to ensure the necessary competence, especially if they have no audit experience.

    This action is to fulfil ISO 9001:2015 clause 7.2 on Competence.

    Certification body auditor will review evidence of competence, such as training attendance or  certificate, during audit.

    It’s important to keep records and be prepared for an audit, as failure to provide records could result in non-conformance (NC) during the audit.

    Click to learn more about our internal auditor course outline, which is suitable for refreshing the skills of of existing internal auditor or qualifying new auditors.

    ISO 9001 Document Control Training

    The ISO 9001 implementationbegin with documentation.

    ISO 9001 Document Control Training is to provide in-depth document control knowledge to the Document Control Coordinator (DCC). To ensure documents are correctly controlled and managed.


    Although the document control process may seem straightforward, however a small mistake could potentially be risks or lead to business losses..


    Enhancing the DCC’s knowledge helps in reduce the risk, and also an opportunities for improvement in efficient.


    Let’s explore the training outline.

    ISO 9001 QMR Skills Training

    In ISO 9001-certify company, there is a window person to liaise with certification body. In Malaysia, this person also take the roles and responsibilities to ensure the effectiveness of the quality management system.


    This person is commonly known as the MR (Management Representative), QMR (Quality Management Representative) or ISO 9001 Team Lead.


    However there are no specific procedure and work instruction for the MR role. As a result, the MR may experience concerns and feel worry, particularly during ISO 9001 audit. This is especially true for newly appointed MR.


    To address this, learn from a trainer with over 15 years of MR experience. Gain ISO 9001 implementation tips, SOP insights, engage in real case study discussion and OJT (On-Job-Training) exercise to boost your QMR’s confidence.


    For more details, explore the course outline.

    Have You Differentiated the Requirements Among These ISO 9001 Trainings?

    The ISO 9001 Training Comparison Table above give you a summary of the who, when and why specific ISO 9001 training is needed within an ISO 9001-certified organization.


    It’s serves as a guide for administration, human resource personnel to prepare the training plan.


    Once you have identified the necessary ISO 9001 training, the next step is to determine the most suitable training solution. This includes considering factors such as the training mode, delivery method, budget and training providers.


    We hope this write-up provides valuable insights to you.

    “The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave isnot training them and having them stay”~ Henry Ford

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