NakTraining, a QAQC Training Provider in Malaysia,

Is owned by EcoLean Consultancy Sdn Bhd. We are registered provider offering  HRD Corp Claimable Training Courses, which are eligible for financial grants available to HRD Corp members companies.

Our trainers bring over 12 years of hands-on working technical industrial experience, combined with more than 12 years of expertise in quality consulting, training, and auditing.

12 Years Industrial Experience + 12 Years Training Experience

to help you succeed in your QAQC journey.

EcoLean’s train-and-coach approach has assisted many participants in better understanding and applying the solution to their actual operations.

We strive to provide full support to ensure your success in your QAQC journey. As a result, we offer lifetime unlimited online Q&A support and a complimentary private 1-on-1 coaching session after the training.

We focus on the ‘learning’ process. Each course module is designed with the following structure:

Part 1: ‘Need-to-know’ content, knowledge, and hands-on information.

Part 2: Actual practice activities that involve skills-based or knowledge-based exercises. This approach encourages participants’ involvement and engagement, allowing them to practice and apply new knowledge or skills.

Part 3: A learning notes page for participants to summarize and evaluate what they have learned, and create action plans for how they plan to use the new knowledge or skills after the training.

We offer online remote training sessions conducted via Zoom, eliminating the need for travel, and saving time and costs. Our small group classes foster an interactive learning environment.

To ensure personalized training, we conduct a pre-training survey to understand your unique scenarios. It enables us to customize case studies tailored to your industries, allowing participants to easily relate the training content to their workplace scenarios.

We offer on-site face-to-face and online remote training for in-house training. This option offers a cost-effective solution for companies aiming to train a large group of employees or facilitate joint training for multiple subsidiaries.

During in-house training, participants come from the same organization. As a result, we will use your current quality issues or ISO documents as case studies for course activities. This approach helps staff immediately apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills to address existing challenges, enhancing operational effectiveness and efficiency.

We assist organizations in establishing ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 management system documentation to prepare for ISO management system certification audits. Our consultancy services go beyond certification, as we provide ongoing support to help your staff maintain and implement ISO management systems effectively.

Additionally, we offer guidance to organizations in building internal teams to initiate 5S housekeeping projects, implement LEAN methodologies, and drive the KAIZEN initiative, all aimed at reducing costs and enhancing process efficiency.

For companies concerned about the environmental impacts of their operations and products may benefit from implementing ISO 14001, ISO 50001, green product labels/ certifications, or conducting product life cycle assessments.

One of our areas of expertise is MFCA (ISO 14051 Material Flow Cost Accounting). This tool simultaneously improves environmental performance and reduces costs. This green productivity tool is a practical way for organizations to uncover hidden profits from waste.

We assist ISO 9001/ 14001 certified companies in conducting internal quality or environmental audits to ensure the readiness and confidence of your ISO management systems for external certification or surveillance audits.

In addition to auditing, we offer valuable suggestions or recommendations to enhance staff awareness of SOPs, facilitate process improvements, and effectively respond during audits. 

Our internal audit services are particularly suitable for organizations facing staffing constraints or those looking to establish an independent internal audit process with expert guidance

We have a diverse client base, ranging from micro and small businesses to medium-sized and multinational corporations. We cater to companies of all sizes and sectors. Our clients engage with our training courses for various purposes, including:

  1. Developing QAQC knowledge and skills to establish effective QAQC processes.
  2. Acquiring QAQC knowledge and skills to solve quality issues and customer complaints.
  3. Enhancing existing operational practices through QAQC knowledge and skills.
  4. Upskilling staff in QAQC to improve their competency.
  5. Obtaining knowledge and hands-on implementation skills for ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 to meet compliance requirements.
  6. Acquiring ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 audit skills to conduct internal audits.
  7. Gaining knowledge and skills in LEAN or KAIZEN to improve process efficiency and reduce cost.
  8. Acquiring practical implementation knowledge of 5S housekeeping for creating organized and presentable workplaces.
  9. Retraining existing staff to increase awareness and enhance practical skillsets.
  10. Acquiring QAQC certificates to fulfil customer or licensing requirements.

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